UniCredit Bank renders money transfer services that enable to make prompt settlements with your counterparties.

The account is credited free of charge. If your payee also has an account with any branch of UniCredit Bank, money is transferred instantly and free of charge.


For transfers in rubles:

  • execution on the day of receipt. Transfer is made through the electronic fund transfer system of the Bank of Russia.
  • For transfers in foreign currency:
  • payment may be made in any foreign currency in favour of payee from any country of the world. This is the advantage of UniCredit Bank’s large correspondent bank network;
  • If you have an account in only one freely convertible foreign currency, you may send a transfer in any other currency. UniCredit Bank will make the necessary conversion;
  • we can transfer funds in rare currencies, such as: Cypriot pound, Thailand baht, South-African rand.
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