UniCredit Bank provides a wide variety of different statement formats for its Clients. Apart from the standard paper-based statements, companies can receive extended statements, files in 1C, HTM, CSV, MT940/942 formats. Moreover, the Bank can send MT940/942 messages to the indicated SWIFT address.


MT940/942 statements and how do they work?

MT940/942 statement formats are used to automatically collect statements of all Group accounts and of all subsidiaries of the company in all banks.

MT940 is used to receive a statement for the whole day, and MT942 is used for intraday statements sent at regular intervals.

If these formats are used, statements are automatically sent to your SWIFT address after receipt by the bank of a respective instruction from you.

A BTC-code (Business Transaction Code) may be added to the statement standard of SWIFT MT940 format. This option allows your ERP system to automatically post certain transactions on certain income/expense items. Thus the Companies’ financial activities may be controlled better.

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