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We offer a range of bank account services. Opening and using a bank account is free of charge.

Bank Account

Opening and using a bank account is free of charge. Funds may be credited to your account and withdrawn in cash.

Our bank account services are available in the following currencies:

  • Russian roubles;
  • US dollars;
  • Euros;
  • Swiss francs;
  • Japanese yens;
  • Canadian dollars;
  • Swedish krone;
  • Danish krone;
  • Norwegian krone;
  • British pounds;
  • Australian dollars;
  • New Zealand dollars.

In the regional branches of UniCredit Bank, an account may only be opened in Russian roubles, US dollars and Euros.

Cash Transactions

Cash transactions are available to private customers at UniCredit Bank. Funds may be credited and/or withdrawn to/from your current account in any branch of UniCredit Bank, located in the city/ town where the account was opened. For this purpose, only your identification documents are required. All other documents will be drawn up by employees of the Bank. There is no commission for crediting funds to a current account.

Currency conversion

Currency can be converted at the cashier’s desk of UniCredit Bank, but the exchange rate will be more favourable, if you make an online non-cash transaction via your Bank account (compare Currency exchange rates on the first page). All you need to do is simply instruct the Bank to convert money from your foreign currency account to your Russian roubles account (or vice versa; or from one currency to another); the funds that you’ve purchased will then be credited to your current account in the respective currency.

Money Transfers

With a UniCredit Bank account, you can transfer money* in Russian roubles and foreign currency to legal entities and individuals virtually anywhere in the world.

The Bank completes money transfers in Russian roubles using the Bank of Russia’s electronic funds transfer system on the day it receives the client’s respective order.

Foreign currency money transfers are available from UniCredit Bank accounts, opened in all major world currencies in the largest international banks. Even if your account is denominated in only one currency, you may make money transfers in any hard currency.

Funds may be transferred to your account from both Russia and abroad.

Completed money transfers are credited to the current account free of charge.

Money transfers to the accounts of individuals and legal entities held in UniCredit Bank are free of charge. These money transfers are made by the Bank in real time, even if the funds’ recipient has an account in another branch of the Bank.

* Funds may be transferred without opening an account.

Regular Payments

As part of this service you can do the following remotely:

  • complete a standing order for the Bank for funds withdrawal/transfer;
  • transfer funds from your accounts to the accounts of individuals and legal entities held in both UniCredit Bank and other banking institutions;
  • convert your funds on a regular basis via electronic transfer (such transactions are made at the exchange rate established by the Bank as of the transaction date).

The Bank may make regular transactions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, on the days that you’ve specified. Depending on your preference, such transactions may involve a fixed amount, the total account’s cash balance, or an amount exceeding the cash balance as specified by the client and also any percentage of each amount credited to the account on the transaction date.

The Bank accepts only regular payments instructions that are not subject to currency control, based on substantiating documents, namely:

  • Russian roubles payments by residents of the Russian Federation to other residents of the Russian Federation; payments by non-residents of the Russian Federation;
  • Foreign currency payments by residents to their own accounts in CJSC UniCredit Bank or to another RF bank; payments by non-residents of the Russian Federation.

A fixed cash balance can be maintained in one of your UniCredit Bank accounts, using the funds transferred from your other accounts in the Bank.

All transactions are performed on the basis of a general order* issued by the client to the Bank.

* The general order means an instruction given by the individual (account holder) to make the same account transaction at regular intervals without the need for additional contacts with the Bank.

Transactions made without a UniCredit Bank account are payments and money transfers across Russia and to other countries.

The Bank may also receive a transfer in your name, even if you do not have an account with us.

Foreign currency payments

The Bank transfers the funds in foreign currency from the Russian Federation and receives foreign currency transferred to the Russian Federation by individuals who do not hold a current foreign currency account. No funds are transferred without a UniCredit Bank account being opened, should these transfers be related to entrepreneurial and investment activities, concern the acquisition of property rights or are being completed by individual entrepreneurs.

  • Foreign currency can be bought, sold and exchanged, in cash, in all branches of UniCredit Bank, and also in dedicated exchange offices of the Bank. In the regional branches of UniCredit Bank, transactions in only two currencies are possible, namely: US dollars and Euros.
  • Foreign currency may be bought and sold in cash.
  • UniCredit Bank accepts foreign banknotes and notes issued by the Bank of Russia for expert examination, if you are unsure of their authenticity.
  • The Bank accepts foreign currency in cash for its remittance for collection.
  • Foreign currency can be withdrawn in cash from your accounts using your bank card at the cashier’s desk.
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