premium package

Your advantages:

  • Cashback up to 10% for transport, clothing and footwear, beauty and health, restaurants and entertainment or 13% in miles

  • Free cash withdrawals around the world

  • Online transfers without commission in rubles and other currencies

  • Up to 4.5% per annum on a savings account every day

  • Free of charge if conditions are met

Privileges of your level

PRIME Package

Premium debit card Prime Visa Signature is created to emphasize your special status and bring new privileges into your life. Become our premium client →

Freedom of financial management

Freedom of financial management

  • You can choose your cash back on purchases:

    — miles up to 13%

    — or up to 10% in rubles
  • Special conditions on deposits and loans
  • Savings and investment life insurance in international companies
  • Accounts in 10 currencies, favorable exchange rate, online money transfers in any currency with no fees

Freedom of travel

  • Up to 24 city and airport transfers with premium service Wheely each year
  • Free access to airport business lounges
  • Commission-free cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide
  • Travel insurance for you and your family, even on trips without you

More privileges

More privileges

  • Concierge Service Program
  • Privileges and discounts around the world

For your family

  • 5 additional cards with free cash withdrawals
  • Access to airport business lounges
  • Travel insurance even on trips without primary cardholder

UniCredit Prime Club

With the PRIME package you become a member of the UniCredit Prime Club. This means that you now have access to premium services and individual approach.
Become a UniCredit Prime Club client →

There is more to it than that!

Now we will go into more detail about your privileges.

Personal manager

A personal manager will assist you in any financial matters.

UniCredit Prime Club phone line

Dedicated line for privileged clients: 8 800 700 83 03.

Special service areas

Solve your questions in complete confidentiality and comfort.

Concierge Service Program

Your assistant in organization of leisure in Russia and abroad. Employees of UniCredit Prime Club line will tell you the details and connect with Concierge Service specialists.

Get a Prime Visa Signature card and choose a rewards program for your purchases, which you can always change.

Miles up to 13%

Reward is not limited!


For all purchases depending on the amount spent:

On cards in rubles

  • 2% - from 10,000 to 100,000 ₽ per month
  • 5% - from 100,000 to 400,000 ₽ per month (onwards – 1%)


On cards in US dollars and euros

  • 1% on all purchases


Extra miles on purchases at

  • 8% on hotels
  • 3% on air and rail tickets


Purchases at the Central Bank rate

The difference between the bank rate and the Central Bank rate will return to you with miles (maximum 3,000 miles per month).

Cash back up to 10%

Cashback up to 10% in increased categories and 1% for all other purchases without restrictions.

For main and additional cards in rubles.


The categories of increased cashback include cars and transport, clothing and shoes, beauty and health, restaurants, cafes and entertainment. Including video, media, game and music content: Amediateka, Okko, Delivery Club.


All this depends on the amount spent (maximum cash back is 10,000 ₽ per month):

  •   5% — from  10 000 ₽ per month
  • 10% — from  100 000 ₽ per month


For other purchases

  • 1% (no limit on the cash back amount)


The increased cashback is calculated on that of five categories in which there was the most expenses for month. If purchases in this category exceeded 25% of the total amount of expenses, 1% is charged for the amount of excess, without restrictions.

Visa Privileges

  • «Time together» package of offers: special conditions in «Azbuka Vkusa», the Tretyakov Gallery, online movies, restaurants, taxi and carsharing. Learn more →
  • Travel package: discounts on hotels, taxis, car rentals and luggage packages, discounts and privileges in restaurants and airports with the mobile application Visa.PRIVILEGES in partnership with DragonPass. Learn more →
  • A lot of other privileges around the world. Learn more →

You can choose between term deposits, savings accounts, savings and investment life insurance programs to place your funds.

Term deposits

Special deposits with higher interest rates are available for you. You can open a deposit in rubles or US dollars, at Bank branches or online.

Savings account Click

With savings account Click, you will have full access to your funds. Interest income will be paid on your ruble account balance every day.

Savings and investment life insurance

With targeted savings and additional investment income, you will ensure financial stability for yourself and your family.

Our partners in insurance programs are only financially stable international insurance companies that have confirmed their reputation for years of experience in the market — Allianz Life, Rosgosstrah.


«Rosgosstrah Zhizn» Insurance Company LLC, license of the Bank of Russia СЖ № 3879 from 11.04.2019, СЛ № 3879 from 11.04.2019.

«Allianz Life» Insurance Company LLC, license of the Bank of Russia СЖ № 3828 from 28.09.2015, СЛ № 3828 from 28.09.2015.

Accounts in 10 foreign currencies

You can open Click accounts:

  • in U.S. dollars
  • Euros
  •  Swiss francs
  • British pounds
  • Japanese yen
  • Canadian dollars
  • Swedish kronas
  • Danish krones
  • Norwegian krones
  • Australian dollars

You can keep money in your accounts and make currency transfers.

Special currency exchange rate

Exchange U.S. dollars and euros at one of the best rates via online bank and mobile application.

Money transfers and online services

Transfer money to accounts in other banks via online bank Enter.UniCredit and mobile application Mobile.UniCredit with no commission – in any currency, with no limits on the number and amount of transfers.

Enjoy our free remote services:

  • mobile application Mobile.UniCredit
  • online bank Enter.UniCredit
  • SMS notification service

Airport transfers and city transfers

Get up to 24 airport transfers with premium Wheely service: 2 transfers per month.

Where to go:

  • to and from the airport
  • until December 31, 2021 - around the city, the maximum cost of travel - 2 500 ₽.


Any of the conditions of the previous month will count:

  • you have 6 000 000 ₽ on your accounts, and your purchases exceeded 10 000 ₽
  • you have 3 000 000 ₽ on your accounts, and your purchases exceeded 100 000 ₽


The service is provided by our partner — service for ordering a premium car with a personal driver Wheely (Wheely Ltd.).

Only professional drivers who have passed strict selection work with Wheely. Transfers are made on business class Mercedes-Benz cars no older than three years. When pre-ordered, the driver will meet you with a plate in the arrival area, help with luggage and take care of your comfort during the trip.

Transfers are  possible at Business and Business Light tariff plans.

Каждый год вы можете заказать 24 трансфера в аэропорт и обратно в автомобиле премиум-класса с сервисом Wheely («Вили»): до 2 трансферов в месяц


How to use

  1. If the conditions are fulfilled, the next month you will receive a personal link with promotional code for 2 transfers from Wheely in our internet-bank and mobile app.
  2. To order a transfer you will need click the link and register.

Learn more about Wheely rates, classes of service and geography at

Airport business lounges around the world

You will have access to more than 1,000 airport business lounges around the world without restrictions on the number of visits, including your guests.

Any of the conditions is enough:

  • you have 6,000,000 ₽ on your accounts and your purchases exceeded 10,000 ₽
  • you have 3,000,000 ₽ on your accounts and your purchases exceeded 100,000 ₽

There is also another option: 1 million ₽ of balances = 1 free visit to business lounge.

In the month of card activation and the following month, you will get 2 welcome visits for free.

After that, when calculating the number of free visits, we will take into account the balances and purchases from the previous month.


ℹ️ To visit the business lounge, you need to show your Prime card and boarding pass.

Insurance and cash withdrawals

Insurance during foreign travel

While traveling, your whole family is under protection: insurance works both for you and your family members, including their trips without you.

  • Insurance includes medical insurance and legal aid, compensation if the trip is cancelled, assistance if documents and tickets are lost.
  • The program covers sports activities on an amateur level, alpine skiing, rafting, horse and skate riding.
  • If medical aid is needed, the coverage will be up to 150,000 euros.
  • If your luggage is lost, administrative support will be provided, and the amount of indemnity will be up to 2,250 euros.


Cash withdrawals

You always have access to cash: withdrawing money from the main and additional cards at any ATM worldwide will be free for you – in any currency.

Discount up to 35% and free upgrade at Avis

Only for Prime Visa Signature UniCredit Bank cardholders: up to 35% discount and free car class upgrade in Avis.

To upgrade your car at Avis, book a car and pay with Visa Signature card. After that you will see a voucher to be downloaded and presented at the rental station.

To upgrade your car at Avis, download the voucher from the page, print it out and show it at the rental station.

Скидка до 35% и бесплатное повышение класса автомобиля в Avis

Airport transfers: The service is provided to Prime Visa Signature cardholders. Transfers are valid for trips  around the city on the route City - Airport, Airport - City within the conditional boundaries of cities, all additional services (sign, waiting, toll road) are paid separately. The service applies only to airports within one city. Service is available for the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Perm, Sochi, Krasnodar, London (airports Heathrow and Gatwick) and Paris (airports Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget).

Transfers around the city: you can use the service Wheely for transfers around the city until December 31, 2021. Maximum cost of the trip is 2 500 ₽, the excess is paid by the client himself. Maximum per year — 24 city and airport transfers, two per month. Business and Business Light tariff plans are available.

Access to airport business lounges: Accounts and deposits, life savings and investment insurance programs, mutual funds are taken into account when calculating balances.

Insurance: The service is provided by JSIC Alliance, licenses for insurance - SI №0290, SL №0290.

Cash withdrawal: When withdrawing cash from an ATM of a third party bank, a fee may be charged in accordance with the conditions of that bank.


Use the PRIME package for free.

All you have to do is comply with one of the conditions:

  • keep in the Bank from 3,000,000 ₽
  • keep in the Bank from 1,500,000 ₽ and spend on ruble and currency cards of one type from 100,000 ₽
  • keep in the Bank from 1,500,000 ₽ and transfer on the ruble accounts from 100,000 ₽

You can keep your savings in different currencies, in savings accounts, deposits, savings and investment life insurance programs or mutual funds.

If balances or transaction amounts are below the required level, the service fee will bе 5,000 ₽ per month.

Service of the first five currency and additional cards is free of charge, starting with the sixth card – 5,000 ₽ per year.

The balances on the last business day of the month are current accounts balances and deposits opened with UniCredit Bank; insurance premiums under investment and saving life insurance program agreements with Ingosstrakh-Life, Rosgosstrakh-Life and Allianz Life, concluded at August 28, 2017 and onwards; funds in the accounts of investment funds managed by TKB Investment Partners that were acquired at the Bank. Purchases mean transactions for payment of goods, works and services in trade and service enterprises, including on the Internet, made with main and supplementary ruble and currency cards and reflected on the account for the calendar month. Revenue receipts take into account transfers to ruble accounts of funds from other banks, including card to card transfers, as well as intra-bank transfers from the accounts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. 

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